David Brayden

David Brayden is a 30 year U.S. Navy Veteran, he served 27 of them in the SEAL Teams and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer.

Prior to joining S2S and since retirement in August of 2007, David worked for 2 years at L-3 Communications Command & Control Systems and Software Aviation & Maritime Services Division.  As a Logistics Analyst he developed a detailed and extensive database of all parts and supply information for the Naval Special Warfare SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV).  Additionally, David designed and created the initial forms instrumental to the development of a Supply/ Maintenance program (SDV Pac-Rat) that streamlined the part/s identification and acquisition process for SEAL Delivery Vehicle technicians and supply personnel.

Following L-3, David worked for 4 years at A-T Solutions where he was the Program Manager for their Counter-IED Operations\Intelligence Integration Center (COIC) Contract.  He was the COIC Special Operations Forces (SOF) Training Integrator and Master Trainer responsible for the coordination, scheduling, and instruction of all U.S. SOF Mobile Training Teams (MTT).  Additionally, he instructed DoD and civilian Intel Analysts and Operations Specialists in Counter-IED tool applications, methodologies, and reach-back capabilities.

He is the father of 5 and Grandfather of 4 wonderful Grandchildren!

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